The Brice is Right

The year for fundraising runs is well and truly underway!

Last weekend, on Sunday 12th March, the incredible Camilla Brice ran in the Fradley 10K in Staffordshire. Camilla was running to raise awareness and funds to help people with the disorder, as the condition is very close to her heart.

Camilla wrote:
This is a cause that is very personal to me and close to my heart. Living with OCD brings a whole load of challenges; it is much more than a 'quirky' condition. OCD is not making sure the Cd's are in alphabetical order, or that ornaments are arranged in a straight line. It is a debilitating condition that consumes you in every aspect of your life, it makes leading a happy life very difficult.

The good news is that Camilla’s run was a huge success! Camilla not only completed the run in good time, but also managed to raise around £200 for OCD Action, which is very impressive!

Well done and thank you to Camilla!

Make sure you stop by Camilla’s JustGiving page and give her a donation to thank her for all her hard work.



But Camilla isn’t the only person running for us! This coming weekend we have not one, not two, but three runners getting involved in fundraising events for the charity.

First is the amazing Natalie Heaney, who is running a Half Marathon on 18th March. Natalie and her boyfriend will be running in a whopping three events this year, culminating in the colossal Edinburgh Marathon on 28th May. The two of them will be running to raise money for OCD Action and two other charities.

Check out to Natalie’s fundraising page here

Second is Michael Darvill, whose incredible fundraising exploits we told you about last week. Michael has his second of five runs this weekend: he will be taking part in the Richmond 10K on Sunday 19th March. Best of luck once again to Michael!

Read about Michael’s amazing journey at his fundraising page

Finally, the wonderful Sarah Guy is kicking off a year where she will be running in an absolutely mindblowing NINE events for OCD Action (including a Marathon and two Half Marathons). Sarah will be running in the Thirsk 10, a 10 mile run in the Yorkshire town of Thirsk.

Take a look at Sarah’s fundraising page

We’ll tell you more about the amazing efforts of both Sarah and Natalie over the next few weeks.

But for now, thanks again to Camilla, and we wish Natalie, Michael and Sarah the very best of luck!

Want to get involved in an event of your own? Just get in touch with our Lead Fundraiser at and we’ll help you out.