Baking out in Song

February has been a great month for fundraising, in no small part due to the efforts of two groups of amazing fundraisers.

One of these is the Youth Action Panel (or YAP), who put on a couple of cake sales and coffee mornings at their local schools and colleges, motivated by the desire to raise funds to enable them to put on the events which are so crucial to the YAP’s work.

The first of these came from Molly, the YAP Web & Digital Advisor, who put on a coffee morning on 9th February. The event was a big success, managing to raise a stunning £94.37 for the charity. And as you can see below, those cakes look like they were delicious!

Second was Alisha, the YAP Media and Campaigns officer. Alisha put on a bake sale on 24th February, which was also hugely successful, raising an incredible £167!

The YAP weren’t the only people fundraising, though. We were equally inspired by Liam and Lois Callacher, the organisers of Artists Taking Action.

Artists Taking Action was a concert in Manchester, put on in order to raise awareness about the disorder, in particular the types of intrusive thoughts that are little known about in the wider public. The event was a huge success, attracting a huge range of talented bands and artists. Not only that, but the event raised an impressive £250 for OCD Action!

You can see footage from the gig, and an interview with the brilliant Liam Callacher, in this video from The Northern Quota:

Thank you so much to Molly, Alisha, Liam, Lois and everyone involved with organising or supporting these amazing events! You've all done a huge amount towards helping people living with this debilitating disorder.

Want to put on your own event? Whether a big concert or a local coffee morning, putting on an event can be a fantastic way to raise money. If you want to know more, just get in touch with our Lead Fundraiser at