Our Team

OCD Action's Team

Our team of Trustees, Volunteers and Staff work together to help make the sure that the Charity can meet its objectives and realise its vision. In this section you can learn more about who is involved with the Charity. 


OCD Action’s Trustees have responsibility for the governance of the charity, setting our strategy and ensuring that we meet our objectives.

Our Trustees team comprises of people with OCD, carers, medical professionals and charity professionals.  The balance of our Trustees group is one of the things that makes OCD Action such a strong charity. Together, they offer a wealth of personal experience and professional knowledge to ensure that we not only fully understand the challenge of OCD but that we are also equipped to meet it.


Advisory Groups

At times the Charity needs to bring together certain groups of people to gain additional insight and understanding on how to best serve the needs of the OCD community. Currently we work with two advisory groups.



The Charity works with around 80 volunteers throughout the UK. We rely on their dedication and commitment to deliver the services that we provide for people with OCD and to help raise awareness of the disorder. You can learn more about volunteering at OCD Action here