Our Impact

Impact & Measuring Success

The Charity believes that it is vital to measure the impact that it makes. This way we can know if our services are having the desired effect, whether we can improve and if we are using our funds in the most effective way. We have different ways of measuring our impact for our different projects and services as well as for the awareness raising and campaigning work that we do.

Our Report & Accounts

As a registered charity, OCD Action publishes its annual Report and Accounts and submits it to the Charity Commission. Our Report and Accounts are for each financial year, April - March and we aim to get these out within 5 months of the year end. The charity is committed to the principle of openness and transparency when dealing with all its stakeholders and goes above and beyond its statutory duties when presenting information. 


Report and Accounts 2017-18

Report and Accounts 2016-17

Report and Accounts 2015-16

Report and Accounts 2014-15

Report and Accounts 2013-14

Report and Accounts 2012-13

Report and Accounts 2011-12