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  • May 24 2018 - 11:49pm

    Hi there and welcome to the forums . Hopefully someone will answer your question soon. I'm  not a gambler myself, but I do have ocd. I have to log out now because I have an early start in the morning. 


  • May 24 2018 - 11:38pm

    Hi there. It's not easy it? Ocd is sometimes known as the doubting disease. In the blue header at the top of this page is an ocd quiz. It will give you a clearer idea of where you stand. In the blue footer at the bottom of this page is 'All our information'.

  • May 24 2018 - 11:25pm

    Hi there and welcome to the forums. I absolutely agree. We can do it! It can take a while. But it can be done. Ocd stops us being positive about life. But we have to stay positive. There are lots of resources available to help us with this.

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