Find a support group

Support groups can play an important role alongside treatment in recovering from and managing your OCD. They provide a safe environment where you can talk openly about your OCD, as well as giving support and encouragement to others.

To view the details of your nearest support groups enter your town, city or postcode below. All of the support groups listed here are independent and as well as OCD, some groups cater for people with BDD or hoarding issues.

In addition to these local support groups there are also eleven online groups; OCD (evening), Parents of children with OCD (evening), Parents of children with BDD (evening), BDD (evening), OCD & BDD (Daytime), Hoarding (evening), Scotland OCD, Maternal OCD (daytime), Maternal OCD (evening) and the Parents of children with OCD Aged 17-24 (weekend). You can find further details about the online groups here.

You can learn more here about support groups and the work that OCD Action does to help them through its ‘Better Together’ project which is funded by the BIG Lottery Fund - Reaching Communities England.