Site Guide

Welcome to the new OCD Action website

The brief for this new website was to make it easier for people to navigate their way simply around the site and so be able to quickly access the information that they want.

We have tried to make it self explanatory and we suggest that you take time to gradually explore the new website in order to familiarise yourself with where everything is. The main home page has been laid out with this in mind and is intended to guide you into the site and its different sections.

As so many of you now access the website using tablets or mobiles we have made this site responsive meaning that it automatically adapts to which ever device you are using to view it and presents the site in the best format for that device.

Keeping up to date on the website and forums

For the latest forum news, information and updates

For forum news, information and updates please ensure that you check for new topics and updates in the Forum Information and Updates forums each time that visit the website. This forum is in the News and Events section of the forums.

When you are logged in it's easy to check as to whether there are any new topics or updates in this forum. Simply click on New Posts (this appears at the top of every forum page) and where it says Show new and updated topics in: click on the arrows and in the drop down click on Forum Information and Updates and then click Apply.  It will then display any new topics or updates in that forum

For the latest news and information on OCD Action or OCD

For the latest news, information and updates on OCD and OCD Action please ensure that you check the News section regularly.

This section contains all the latest news, information and updates regarding OCD and OCD Action. You can now filter the information several ways - Recent Articles, Category or by using the Archive.

This section can be accessed by clicking on News in the header (for those of you using smaller devices such as mobiles this can be accessed by clicking on the three bars that appear at the top of your screen and then choosing News in the drop down.

In the News section several articles have been posted that weren't on the old website so please check it now and view all articles posted this year.