Run Like Daisy

Were you wondering what exciting fundraising events were going on this weekend?

Step forward Daisy Sidwell! Tomorrow, on Saturday 20th May, Daisy will be, along with her friend Paris, running in the Colour Obstacle Rush in Windsor.

Ward is the Word

We recently let you know about the fundraising exploits of Molly Sandford-Ward, who ran in the Great Edinburgh 5 Mile run on Sunday 23rd April. Molly was taking part in this fabulous event in order to raise awareness about what she believes to be the two major misconceptions about OCD: what the disorder actually is, and how severe it is for those who live with it.

The Miles of Molly

The London Marathon isn't the only fundraising event going on this weekend!

While OCD Action doesn’t have anyone running for us in the Marathon this year, we have some fundraisers who are doing amazing things in their own right.

For example, on the same day as the Marathon, 23rd April, the brilliant Molly Sandford-Ward is going to be taking part in the Great Edinburgh Run, a 5 mile course that passes some of the biggest landmarks in Edinburgh, such as the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Scottish Parliament Building and Edinburgh Castle.

Bower of Strength

Last week we told you about our Helpline Co-ordinator Christian Bower, who decided that running the Helpline wasn't enough: he was also going to run a Marathon!

Christian took on the Herculean task of competing in the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 9th April. And we’re delighted to announce that he absolutely smashed it!

Where there's a Willetts, there's a way!

16 year old Abbi Willetts and her sister Saskia are truly going the distance to help people with OCD.

Abbi has had OCD since she was four years old, and is determined to help others who are in the same position. So this summer Abbi and Saskia will be walking a whopping 48 miles to raise awareness of the condition and donations to OCD Action.

The course itself is four miles long, but Abbi  felt it was important to walk around the course 12 times: one lap for each year she has lived with OCD.

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

Last week, we told you that Katherine Ratcliffe, and her partner Lee, were going to be taking place in the Xrunner Wild Mud Run on Saturday 1st April. A long, challenging obstacle course with a plethora of challenging obstacles, it promised to be a truly exciting event.

So we're pleased to report that Katherine and Lee not only completed the course, but they managed to raise an incredible £335 for OCD Action in the process!

The Power of Bower

It takes a lot of commitment to run a marathon. Months of grueling training culminating in 26.2 mile behemoth – it’s certainly not for the faint of heart!

But that hasn’t put off the incredible Christian Bower, who on Sunday 9th April (this weekend) will be taking on the Brighton Marathon in order to raise donations for OCD Action in order to help people with OCD all across the country.

The Running Guy

Last weekend was the first running event from the amazing Sarah Guy, who is doing an unbelievable amount of running this year -- all in the name of helping people with OCD through raising awareness and donations!

This year, Sarah will be competing in an astonishing nine running events this year. That’s a huge amount of commitment, so thank you so much Sarah!

These are all the runs Sarah will be involved in: