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Posted on: 29th May 2017 by: Overthinker88

where to begin? Well I am currently 29 years old. I have had OCD for 24 years. It all began when my nana and auntie died in the space of 12 months. They both were diagnosed with flu, my aunt actually had a brain tumour and my man a DVT and it was too late because of the wrong diagnosis. I... Read more

Posted on: 24th May 2017 by: Lannisett09

hi everyone my name is jennifer and I am currently going through a lot in life. 11 months ago a left the father of my children due to his unfaithfulness. He caused me so much pain since we first started dating at 17. I have two beautiful children with him a girl who's 8 and a boy who is 6... Read more

Posted on: 13th March 2017 by: marty2sweet

Hello, My name is Martin Garcia, if you told me a 3 months ago, that I would have OCD(Thought of harming someone) I would told you were dumb because I had the most confidence out of everyone and all I cared about is myself, even though I had support of my family, friends , and my... Read more

Posted on: 21st February 2017 by: benny3399

The last 8 or so months have been a struggle to say the least. Today I am at the point where I was sobbing on my dads shoulder saying it's not true and I hate it and I don't want it go away. Well for the last 8 months it hasn't went away. For 6 months before those 8 it was under control... Read more

Posted on: 15th February 2017 by: marty2224

it was a month ago, that this started I was watching the new Excorist show and I watched it the whole day pretty much and so I finished watching it and about hour later I get hungry. I went to the kitchen to get an orange because it was late at night like 2 am, so i took the knife to my... Read more