New short film ‘Reaching Four’ coming soon!

OCD Action are delighted to be supporting the production of a new short film - ‘Reaching Four’. Inspired by real life experiences, ‘Reaching Four’ follows Clare’s battle with OCD, and delves into the often devastating impact that OCD can have on someone’s life and the lives of those close to them.

We were contacted earlier in the year by the talented team behind the production, and were impressed by the lengths they were going to to ensure this film accurately portrays an often misrepresented condition.

Commenting on why they are making the film, the team said:

“OCD charities estimate there are around ¾ million OCD sufferers in the UK alone. OCD takes so many forms, yet it’s one of the least discussed mental health conditions and is rarely accurately illustrated onscreen or in popular culture. Mental health is a ‘topical’ issue right now, and the inability of the NHS to cope with increasing cases has been widely reported. Having experienced the effects of OCD close to home, we envision a film which strips away clichés of hand-washing and avoiding pavement cracks, and depicts the personal battle of one long-term sufferer.

But this isn’t a 'message' film – it’s a story of a real person with real hopes, fears and dreams. OCD is often used as a character tic, or a comedic trope, which risks trivialising, even ridiculing, the condition. In contrast, REACHING FOUR embraces the theme as a realistic dramatic device. The daily battles of our lead character’s life become intensified – everything is viewed through the lens of the disorder.”

We will keep you up to date on this exciting project and how you can support it. For the time being, there is a Go Fund Me page where you can ‘meet’ the cast and crew, find out more about the storyline and donate towards the project if you feel able to do so.