Campaign Update

In December 2013, representatives from the Charity met with Norman Lamb MP, the Minister for Care and Support to talk about our campaign for better access to quality treatment for OCD. This was a positive meeting with the Minister agreeing that more needs to be done to ensure that people with OCD have the information that they need and, where appropriate, are referred to specialist treatment. 

In the New Year, we met with the National Director and the Clinical Director of IAPT services to discuss with them the unacceptable delay in the publication of treatment outcome data from IAPT services. We agreed what steps had be taken to rectify this problem. 

This February we have started discussions with the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), the organisation responsible for the collection and publication of service outcome date in the NHS. We are aiming to get a clearer understanding of why the publication of OCD specific data is being delayed.

September 2014

In September the OCD Action team had a second meeting with the Minister for Care and Support to up-date on the progress made since the start of the year and in particular the delays in getting OCD specific outcome data from IAPT services. 

The IAPT annual report released on the 17th September contained, for the first time, specific OCD data and it now seems that future reports will contain the specific information that people with OCD need to make choices about their treatment. This is a great victory for people with OCD. 

February 2015

The Charity launched its manifesto for improving access to quality treatments with a foreword written by the Minister for Care and Support. This document sets out the steps that we believe need to be taken and calls on clinicians, NHS and political leaders to work with us to ensure that people with OCD get the support they need. You can read the full manifesto here